Month: February 2016

8 February 2016

I’m half way through the first draft of my second book, Dark Ocean. I left a few loose ends in Sea of Gold which can be tied into this one. I’ve grown to like some of the characters. Some will reappear, including Angus McKinnon, of course. I’ll carry on in the first person too. It comes more naturally to me and I think it brings the reader closer to the events and action. If I’m struggling with plot issues I go for a walk. It gets me into the right frame of mind. I can think things through in...

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1 February 2016

By chance, as I was half way through writing Sea of Gold, I met Peter Flannery, author of the successful psychic thriller, First and Only. Peter was forming a small group of fellow writers. We call ourselves The Border Scribblers. We meet once a month in a local coffee shop here in the Scottish Borders for a couple of hours and talk about (surprise) writing. Sometimes we read out passages from whatever we’re working on. Sometimes we discuss a particular topic like ‘sense of place’ or ‘point of view’ or ‘characterisation’. And sometimes (often) we discuss marketing and promotion. We’re all either self-published or with a publisher. And we’re all very enthusiastic. Meeting Peter and the others was a stroke of luck. More recently I’ve joined another group who I discovered through Meetup in Edinburgh. Again, some of us are self-published and others have a publisher. But the emphasis is on self-publishing. Whilst the Border Scribblers are mostly novelists, the Edinburgh group includes poets, short story writers and academic text book authors. Being a solitary business, writers need the company of like-minded folk from time to time and I’m fortunate to have found such a good crowd to chew the fat...

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