Having been busy with a conventional and often unconventional career for forty-five years, only recently did I get the chance to sit down and write a book. I had made one or two half-hearted attempts over the years but once the day came it was time to get on with it.

Sitting at the computer day after day wrapped up in another world can be a lonely pastime. On a good day the words flow, time passes quickly and with a couple of thousand words laid down I turn back to other things in life feeling pleased with myself. Not all days are that good though.

If I’m stuck I walk which helps the thinking process. Many an intractable plot issue has been resolved along the  coast or in the hills. I try to write something every day. I don’t always succeed: self-discipline and motivation are essential but often elusive attributes. But writing gives me satisfaction, especially when the thoughtful and mostly favourable reviews of readers began to come in.

I hope you enjoy this website; I will try to keep it interesting. I am grateful to all of you who have read my books. It helps give me the resolve to keep on with Angus McKinnon and his further exploits.

Best Wishes,

Nick Elliott