Marine claims investigator Angus McKinnon is assigned to the case, but when he discovers a falsely declared cargo of military equipment in the ship’s holds, alarm bells start ringing in the intelligence world.

What looked routine becomes a perilous mission to thwart a coup d’état that threatens to pit two global superpowers against one another, while a secretive bank with Nazi gold glimmering darkly in its vaults attempts to derail the investigation.

And as questions and misgivings mount, what motivates the beautiful Mariana da Cunha to help Angus in the troubled land of her birth?

From the Atlantic Ocean to the jungles of West Africa and a final face-off in the vast emptiness of the Sahara, McKinnon must finally join with a daunting array of military resources, and marshal his own wits to bring down a psychopathic war criminal and those playing him as their proxy.

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(BLACK REEF is the third stand-alone Angus McKinnon thriller following on from SEA OF GOLD and DARK OCEAN.)

“Nick Elliott delivers in spades when it comes to fast-paced, intelligent, international thrillers. You feel, smell and touch every authentically crafted location; you’re expertly drawn into a maze of shadows and sinister organizations and characters where nothing is what it seems. This really is thriller writing of the highest calibre.” Craig Russell, award-winning author of the bestselling and critically acclaimed Jan Fabel and Lennox crime thrillers.