Dark Ocean, the second in the Angus McKinnon series of thrillers, is awaiting formatting but should be published by mid August. It’s been two years in the making and I believe it’s a worthy sequel to Sea of Gold.

Meanwhile, as a foretaste, here is a draft of the book’s Blurb and a proof of the front cover.

A World War II wreck lies beneath the South China Sea. Is her cargo worth killing for?

Marine claims investigator Angus McKinnon is summoned to Hong Kong, his personal city of ghosts, where a local shipowner and his beautiful daughter need his help.

But their claim on a mysterious cargo, lost when the Lady Monteith is sunk during the War, is not as simple as they say, and the cold case abruptly heats up when Angus’s old friend and mentor is violently murdered back in Greece.

Haunted, obstructed and plagued by self-doubt, Angus soon finds himself trapped in a web of international intrigue that draws him to the typhoon-lashed South China Sea and the shocking discovery of a plan to attack Hong Kong and hold Asia Pacific – and the world beyond – to ransom. But the trail doesn’t end there …

Amidst relentless danger, Angus’s resolve is once more tested down to the wire.