By chance, as I was half way through writing Sea of Gold, I met Peter Flannery, author of the successful psychic thriller, First and Only.

Peter was forming a small group of fellow writers. We call ourselves The Border Scribblers. We meet once a month in a local coffee shop here in the Scottish Borders for a couple of hours and talk about (surprise) writing. Sometimes we read out passages from whatever we’re working on. Sometimes we discuss a particular topic like ‘sense of place’ or ‘point of view’ or ‘characterisation’. And sometimes (often) we discuss marketing and promotion.

We’re all either self-published or with a publisher. And we’re all very enthusiastic. Meeting Peter and the others was a stroke of luck.

More recently I’ve joined another group who I discovered through Meetup in Edinburgh. Again, some of us are self-published and others have a publisher. But the emphasis is on self-publishing.

Whilst the Border Scribblers are mostly novelists, the Edinburgh group includes poets, short story writers and academic text book authors.

Being a solitary business, writers need the company of like-minded folk from time to time and I’m fortunate to have found such a good crowd to chew the fat with.