I’m half way through the first draft of my second book, Dark Ocean. I left a few loose ends in Sea of Gold which can be tied into this one. I’ve grown to like some of the characters. Some will reappear, including Angus McKinnon, of course. I’ll carry on in the first person too. It comes more naturally to me and I think it brings the reader closer to the events and action.

If I’m struggling with plot issues I go for a walk. It gets me into the right frame of mind. I can think things through in a way that doesn’t come so easily when I’m sitting in front of a screen. I carry my voice recorder or my phone so I can mutter notes and ideas as I go along. I get some odd looks occasionally. Mostly though I’m out in the countryside or on the coast.

I am curious and have an active imagination. This combination helps motivate me to write. I can’t imagine writing anything other than thrillers. I’ve been reading them since discovering John Buchan as an adolescent. History and travellers’ tales of far-off places are influences too.

For the next few weeks though I’m occupied in editing the quarterly house magazine for Inchcape Shipping Services, the company I still work for. Then it’ll be back to Dark Ocean.

Where I like to walk…

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