Perama, Greece

Perama, Greece: where ships come to die, and  scene of a violent confrontation

Kohsichang, Thailand

Kohsichang, Thailand: rice cargoes are loaded at the anchorage here, and maritime fraud is not unusual

Svaneti, Georgia

Svaneti, Georgia: where gold is still panned for – evidence of Jason and the Golden Fleece

The Shore pub, Leith

The Shore pub, Leith: one of Angus’s haunts

Profitis Ilias, Piraeus

Profitis Ilias, Piraeus: the hill above the city  where Angus lives

Gold mine run-off, Mindanao

Gold mine run-off, Mindanao: open-pit mining leads to deforestation and threatens local villages, and Angus’s life

Colonial 'Black-and-White, Singapore

Colonial ‘Black-and-White, Singapore: beautifully maintained old houses, and home to a mining boss

Liddesdale, Scottish Borders

Liddesdale, Scottish Borders: Reiver country where illusions become reality

Exmouth, Devon

Exmouth, Devon: how does Angus find himself in this place?


Cocos Keeling Islands, Indian Ocean: nearest landfall to the wreck


Tbilisi, Georgia: where it all begins

North Ossetia, North Caucasus

North Ossetia, North Caucasus: home to ruthless gangs of smugglers